Signs of Infidelity In Men

written by: Grace Jones

Signs of Infidelity

Signs of Infidelity In MenThe signs of infidelity in men are not always easy to spot, especially since the cheating party is trying to cover his tracks at all times. If you believe that you are being cheated on by your husband, there are a few things you should look for that will give you a better indication of possible infidelity in your marriage.

Improves His Appearance

A good way to start assessing your husband for signs of infidelity is to analyze his outer appearance. Has he changed it recently? Studies show that men who start cheating tend to improve their outer appearance. This is one of the first signs of infidelity in men. If you notice your husband’s appearance has changed for the better – you may want to probe as to why he changed it. This is also a good time to notice if he’s started working out or losing weight. Doing these things doesn’t necessarily mean your spouse is cheating, but it is a sign that is correlated with infidelity.

Overprotective of Cell Phone and Computer

Another sign that your husband may be cheating is that he starts to guard his phone or computer more closely. Whereas before he may have left his phone out on the kitchen counter or coffee table, now he keeps it with him at all times or leaves it in his car. A good test for finding out for sure is by casually picking up his phone and pressing a button to look at the time. What is his reaction? Does he get nervous or anxious as you pick up his phone or does he barely notice you playing with it? His response will give you a clue.

Distant and Disconnected

If he does not care about his phone, does he care about anything you do? A husband who is having an affair tends to become more distant and disconnected. He will be less emotionally available and communicate less. If you notice your husband is harder to connect with, either in conversations or emotionally, he may be connecting with someone else outside of your marriage.

Hard To Contact

If he is cheating, chances are he will be harder to reach. Cheating spouses are harder to reach on the phone with a majority of their calls going to voice mail. If you husband repeatedly lets his phone go to voice mail when he is not working, there may be a chance he is cheating on you with another woman.

Always Busy

Infidelity takes time and that time needs to be hidden from the standard time he is around you, so your husband will most likely disguise it as a guys’ night out, working late, or a work trip. Most of the men who were surveyed as having cheated in the past used work as an excuse to gain time for their affair. Others confessed that they used an outside activity as their excuse.

This is not a comprehensive list of the all the signs, but they are the most common. If you are questioning whether your husband is cheating, the best thing to do is watch his behavior closely. You can gain a lot of insight from slight changes in your husband’s behavior.


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